• Registration of accounting documents and accounting notes (providers’ invoices, bank statements, payroll notes, etc.)
  • Preparation of monthly trial balance and mandatory legal registers
  • Preparation of statements arising out of the company activity to the Public Finance Administration
  • Preparation of periodical financial statements (each semester/annual)
  • Maintains the relationships with the Administration of Public Finance and Local Labour Inspectorate
  • Notification with regard to main legislative amendments (in the financial-accounting and fiscal field) affecting the business
  • Representation in front of the financial-accounting and fiscal authorities
Monthly reporting to the client:
  • Results of the company (monthly revenues-expenses and cumulated – annually)
  • Amounts to be paid to the consolidated state budget, together with the preparation and electronic transmission of the related notifications/payment orders
  • Review and warning (if necessary) with regard to the sensitive points or those which can be improved within the company business