Human Resources services

Human Resource management services

  • Preparation of job descriptions, for new employees or in case of change of position for existing employees;
  • Annual review of the Internal Rules of Operation (template)
  • Annual preparation of employee assessment sheets (templates);
  • Annual inspection and update of staff files (inspection of their contents)


Payroll services

  • Maintains the relationship with the Local Labour Inspectorate (registration of employment agreements, addenda, decisions, company representation in case of any inspections etc.)
  • Preparation of payrolls according to the timesheets received from the client
  • Preparation of payment orders related to salary transfers and the electronic transmission thereof
  • Preparation of salary payslips and the electronic transmission thereof
  • Preparation and monthly/quarterly submission of statements related to salaries
  • Preparation and submission, whenever necessary, of the salary register (in electronic form)
  • Preparation of tax sheets
  • Notifications with regard to the annual leave days not yet taken by the employees
  • Submission of files for the return of amounts from FNUASS (National Unique Health Insurance Fund) (recovery of amounts from sick leaves)
  • Certificates for salaries according to requirements (loans, family physicians, employment office etc.)